Surgery: L-TGA with Pulm. Atresia, Alternative Surgical Option

An alternative approach to the surgical management of physiologically corrected transposition with VSD and PS or P.atresia. Ilbawi, MN, et al. JTCVS 1990;100:410-5


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Pardon the baseline artifacts

Anatomy: IVC variations

Systemic veins develop from 3 main venous systems:
1) Vitelline venous system (Yellow)
2) Umbilical venous system (Red)
3) Cardinal venous system (Blue) - Anterior (SVC side), Posterior (IVC side)

Subcardinal veins - Green
Sacrocardinal vein - Purple
Hepatocardinal channel - Orange

Anatomy: Persistent LSVC

Anatomy: Netter - IVC - Development