How to identify pacemaker?

From Heart Rhythm 2011;8:915-922.

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Telephone numbers for manufacturers to identify the pacemaker:
Medtronic: 1-800-Medtronic (1-800-633-8766)
St Jude Medical: 1-800-PaceICD (1-800-722-3774)
Boston Scientific: 1-800-Cardiac (1-800-227-3422)
Sorin Gp (ELA): 1-800-352-6466
Biotronik: 1-800-547-0394
Note: The telephone numbers are different, to call the representative to come and interrogate the pacemakers.


Intropes - Mechanism of Action

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Anomalous origin of Vertebral Artery

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                          (Netter)                                                        (Am J Neuroradiol 1998;20:1318-1321)

Netter diagram: Top - Normal, Middle - "Bovine" arch (common origin for innominate and LCC arteries) and Botton - Right vertebral artery from innominate artery & Left vertebral artery from aortic arch.

AJNR cartoon: Possible anomalous vertebral artery origins