Cath: Left Ventriculogram

From p.325 of The Cardiac Catheterization Handbook by Morton J. Kern. 3rd ed. Mosby 1999.
Anterior = Anterobasal and Anterolateral
Inferior = Diaphragmatic and Posterobasal


Cath: Stents - Intrastent LD

Intrastent LD (large diameter) - With EverCross balloons (Manufacturer: eV3)
3 stents:
1) Intrastent DoubleStrut LD Biliary Stent (Double struts)
2) Intrastent Mega LD Biliary Stent (5 cell design)
3) Intrastent Max LD Biliary Stent (6 cell design)



Cath: CP stent

CP stent
(Cheatham-Platinum stent)
Covered with e-PTFE

Specifications from Europe

Cath: BIB balloon (NuMed Inc)

Inner balloon - Tyshak II
Outer balloon - Z-med

Inner balloon is 1 cm shorter than the outer balloon.
BIB Products specs from NuMed Inc.


Cath: Standing Wave

What is the standing wave due to?
Ref: Phillip Dow Am J Physiol 1940;131:432-436