EKG - PR interval

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Tissue Doppler Imaging - Mitral Lateral Annulus TDI

From Tighe DA, et al. Cardiac Ultrasound Today 2005;11(5):89-116.
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Normal TDI of Lateral Mitral Annulus
(S', E', A' velocities are measured in cm/sec)

Age-related change in Lateral Mitral Annulus TDI
(24 yr old on the left; 82 yr old on the right)

Lateral Mitral Annulus TDI
(Impaired Relaxation: E' velocity is lower than A' velocity)

Lateral Mitral Annulus TDI
(Restrictive Pattern: Both E' & A' velocities are reduced, E' velocity is higher than A' velocity though)

Diastolic Function by Doppler - Mitral Inflow, Pulmonary vein flow (Normals)

Mitral Inflow Doppler (Normal)
DT - DecelerationTime of E wave
Adur - A wave Duration

Pulmonary vein flow Doppler pattern
(S, D and Atrial reversal)

(From Tighe DA, et al. Cardiac Ultrasound Today 2005;11(5):89-116)

Diastolic Function: Echo parameters

Assessment of Diastolic Function using Echo Parameters
Tables from Wyman Lai's Pediatric Echocardiography Textbook (2009)
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Table 8.2: Inflow Doppler Values (Infants & Children)
Adapted from Eidem BW, et al. JASE 2004;17:212-21.

Table 8.3: Annular Doppler Tissue Imaging Values (Infants & Children)

Table 35.3: Echo parameters of diastolic function (Adult)
(Tam JW. et al. Curr Opin Cardiol 2002;17:470-7)

Table 35.4: Echo parameters for diastolic function (Child & Adult)
(Garcia MJ, et al. JACC 1998;32(4):866-75)

(Courtesy: Ashish)