Amplatzer Devices Chart

Amplatzer Devices Chart

MVP sizing chart

Sizing charts


PDA - Amplatzer Duct Occluder II (ADO II)

ADO II - Device Selection Table

ADO II - Device Specifications Table
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PDA closure - Piccolo device specifications

Piccolo device selection - Below 2 kg
Piccolo device selection - Above 2 kg

Piccolo device selection - SS - Personal Preference
Piccolo device specifications


Pregnancy with congenital heart disease - Risk stratification (CARPREG-II)

Silverside, CK et al. Pregnancy outcomes in women with heart disease. JACC 2018;71:2419-30.



Balloon pulmonary angioplasty - Reperfusion injury

Factors associated with reperfusion injury after balloon pulmonary artery balloon angiolasty are
(1) Increase in diameter >70%
(2) Increase in PA pressure >170%
(3) Distal mean PA pressure > 20 mmHg

From Arnold LW et al. AJC 1988;62:327-330.