Pacemaker Interrogation - Contact telephone numbers

Medtronic – 800-328 2518
St. Judes Medical – 800-722 3423
Biotronik – 800-547 0394
Intermedics (Guidant/Boston Scientific) – 800-231 2330
Sorin group 800-352-6466

Other: x44505, Pager 22212
Telephone numbers to identify which pacemaker a patient has are provided in a different posting in this blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. This saved me some time.

Unknown said...

Is there a website or link that I may find which company a patient received their pacemaker from?

Bala said...
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Bala said...

I am not aware of any websites. I came across an article from 2011 that provides physicians with a way to identify the pacemaker that the patient has. Apparently, one way is to call each of the 5 manufacturers and check their patient database. the telephone numbers in that 2011 article are the following: Medtronic (1800-Medtronic), St Jude Medical (1800-PACEICD), Boston Scientific (1800-CARDIAC), Sorin group (1800-352-6466) and Biotronix (1800-547-0394). Hope one of this works. This article also provides method to identify using X-ray.
More straight forward approach is to get medical records from the hospital where implantation was done!