Atul Gawande: Professionalism

From "The Checklist Manifesto"

All learned occupations have a definition of professionalism, a code of conduct...But, they all have at least 3 common elements...
First, is an expectation of selflessness.
Second, is an expectation of skill.
Third, is an expectation of trustworthiness.
Aviators, however, add a fourth expectation, discipline; disciplinein following prudent procedure and in functioning with others...
In medicine, we hold up "autonomy" as a professional lodestar, a principle that stands in direct opposition to discipline...it rings more of protectionism than of excellence. The closest our profession comes to...is an occasional plea for "collegiality".
Discipline is hard, harder than trustworthiness and skill and perhaps even than selflessness. We are built on novelty and excitement,...Discipline is something we have to work at.

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