Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia

Interrupted aortic arch and VSD repair
Day of Surgery:
Postop. day 1:
Postop. day 2:


Jessica said...

I can see by your pictures that the patient was cooled for this arrhythmia. What else did you do? Is the pt. paced in the POD #2 picture?

Bala said...

Yes, the patient is paced. Already on Amiodarone.

Johan said...

And what a nice difference in the CVP-waveform! After atrial pacing, the cannon-wave A tops are gone.
If I'm right?!

Bala said...

That's correct, Johan. (A small correction on the terminology though. These are called "giant" a waves - seen in every consecutive beats. "Cannon" a wave is the term attributed to what is seen in complete AV block. There, some P waves occur as though there is AV synchrony and some P waves occur completely out-of-sync. Tall a waves are seen only when there atrium and ventricle are out-of-sync...intermittently, like a cannon firing at intervals. Not a big deal though!)