Cardiac Index in Children (Normal values)

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From Jim Lock's Green Book (Cath book) 2nd edition. 2000. page 58.
Data reportedly pooled from several previous publications (listed below) - Data from 140 patients of age range 12 day to 16 yrs.

1) Sproul & Simpson. Stroke volume and related hemodynamic data in normal children. Pediatr 1964;65:327-33.
2) James & Rowe. The pattern of response of pulmonary and systemic artery pressures in newborn and older infants to short periods of hypoxia. J Pediatr 1957;51:5-11.
3) Lucas R.V. Jr. et al. Maturation of pulmonary vascular bed. Am J Dis Child 1961;101:467-75.
4) Rowe and James. The normal pulmonary arterial pressure during the first year of life. J Pediatr 1957;51:1-4.
5) Kjellberg S.R. et al. Diagnosis of congenital heart disease. Chicago: Year book publishers. 1955.
6) Cummings GR. Hemodynamics of supine bicycle exercise in "normal" children. Am Heart J. 1977;93:617-22.
7) Lock, Einzig and Moller. Hemodynamic responses to exercise in normal children. Am J Cardiol. 1978;41:1278-84.

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