Echo - Basic Views

Figures from Echocardiography in Pediatric Heart Disease (Snider, Serwer, Ritter. 2nd Ed. Pub. Mosby 1997))

Link to a hand-out of standard views (?Mayo Clinic Course)

Standard Echo Windows

1a. Parasternal Long Axis Views

1b. Parasternal Short Axis Views

2. Apical 4-Chamber Views

3a. Subcostal Coronal Views (Long Axis)

3b. Subcostal Saggital Views (Short Axis)

4a. Suprasternal Views ("Long Axis")

4b. Suprasternal Views ("Short Axis")

5. Additional Views:
   a. "Crab" View (for pulmonary veins)
   b. Right Parasternal View (for Right SVC, Interatrial septum - in large/adult patients)
   c. Apical 2-Chamber View / Apical 3-Chamber View

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