Anatomy: Aberrant RSCA, Pulmonary Sling, Barium Swallow

Aberrant Subclavian Artery Origin

(RSCA crosses midline, posterior to esophagus)

Netter diagram

Pulmonary Sling: Origin of LPA from RPA

(LPA crosses midline anterior to esophagus, inbetween esophagus & trachea)

(Diagrams below are from Esophagography in Anomalies of Aortic Arch System. A.C. Klinkhamer. The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore MD. 1996)

How to use the Table:

1. First, review plain CXR (PA view; High dose film) - Ascertain aortic arch sidedness & position of descending aorta in thorax.

2. Second, study Barium Swallow Study - Usually Frontal and Oblique views (Note: Lateral view is ideal for Pulmonary sling and Double aortic arch, but not useful in other anomalies)

Image source: Esophagography in anomalies of the aortic arch system. A.C. Klinkhamer. The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, MD. 1969. Copyright - Excerpta Medica Foundation.

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Bala said...

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