ICU / EKG: Postop ST segment elevation

8 yr old girl, s/p PAPVR repair
(LUPV to LSVC to CS was repaired)
Baseline EKG (EKG #1) is unremarkable for immediate postop.

EKG #1
Approx. 10 hrs later, ST segment elevation was noted in monitor. Therefore, EKG was repeated. No complaints from patient.

EKG #2
Next morning: EKG was improving

EKG #3


Is this pericarditis, developing in ~10 hrs after conclusion of surgery?

Why don't we see it in more postop. patients?

Also, see posting titled "ICU - Postop. chest pain"


Anonymous said...

looks to be in the cx territory. It didn't get better, it just didn't get worse. Any bleeding post op?

Bala said...

"Some bleeding" in the first 1-2 hrs after coming out of operating room. Bleeding decreased with control of hypertension with Nitroprusside infusion.