ICU: Venous Blood Gas (What is it good for?)

VBG compared to ABG

pH .03 lower

PvCO2 5.8 higher

PvCO2 less than 45 on room air rules out hypercarbia (Journal of Emergency Medicine
Volume 28, Issue 4 , May 2005, Pages 377-379)

Venous is as good as arterial blood gases in DKA (Emerg Med Austr 2006;18:64)

pH was almost identical, bicarb was close enough

Central (SVC) pH, bicarb, BE, and lactate agrees with arterial (Emerg Med J 2006;23:622)

New method can calculate an ABG from a VBG (Emerg Med J 2009;26:268)

VBG is just fine for COPDers for pH, HCO3 and CO2 (Eur J Emerg Med 2010 Oct;7(5):246-8)

Source: http://text.emcrit.org/1-resus/abgs.htm

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